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6 Negative Impacts of the Internet on Physical and Mental Health

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 It must be acknowledged that the existence of the internet can facilitate our business in finding information. Sometimes, we also rely too much on the internet to solve the problems we face. Even so, there are a number of negative impacts of the internet that need to be watched out for, both for adults and children.

6 Negative Impacts of the Internet on Physical and Mental Health

6 negative effects of the internet that are important to know

From lowering self-confidence to depression, here are some of the negative effects of the internet.

1. Disrupts mental health

One of the negative effects of the internet is that it causes mental health problems.

Quoted from Parent Circle, someone who spends too much time in cyberspace can slowly escape from his life in the real world.

They have become dependent on the internet to feel accepted and heard.

When they can't connect to the internet, anxiety, sadness, and depression can occur. This is one of the reasons why excessive internet play can interfere with mental health.

2. Difficult to schedule

The negative impact of the internet for students that needs to be anticipated is the difficulty in managing schedules.

Sometimes, students or teenagers tend to use the internet to find information or make financial transactions to meet their needs. This is one of the positive impacts of using the internet that can be felt by young people.

However, if they become dependent or addicted to the internet, they can find it difficult to manage schedules because they spend more of their time in cyberspace.

Internet addiction can make students often play games, talk with friends through the chat feature, to struggle with social media.

Be careful, this danger of the internet can damage the study schedule of young people and potentially interfere with their academic grades.

3. Lack of sleep

Most adults or even children today already have their own smartphone . They can take their gadgets anywhere and anytime, including going to their bedroom before bed.

Some people may be able to restrain themselves from surfing the internet for long and trying to sleep. However, those who are addicted to the internet can spend hours and forget about sleeping.

The bad effects of the internet can make them sleep deprived and exacerbate symptoms of mental health disorders, such as anxiety disorders to depression.

4. Social isolation

On the internet, people can communicate. It is not uncommon for us to meet online communities and feel emotionally connected to their members.

On the other hand, his social life in the real world can be neglected. Friends who invite to play outside the house or family waiting at the table for dinner can be forgotten.

The negative impact of internet use can cause a person to experience social isolation.

5. Being dishonest or lying

Almost everyone who is addicted to the internet understands that they have a problem.

However, when asked about the time spent online playing, they tend to lie to cover up the problem.

6. Erratic mood swings

Another negative impact of internet use is that it causes erratic mood swings.

People who are addicted to the internet generally access the internet to relieve feelings of stress and improve mood.

They feel happy when connected with friends or games in cyberspace.

However, when they can't access the internet, they can feel irritated and angry. The mood became erratic.

Tips to keep children away from the negative effects of the internet

The existence of the internet is a big challenge for parents. Children also tend to be vulnerable to exposure to bad things on the internet.

Although there are a number of positive impacts from the internet that children use to learn, you also need to be aware of the negative impacts, such as easily accessible porn sites , various risks of digital crime, to dangerous online challenges or challenges .

Parents need to weigh the positive and negative impacts of the internet. If there are more negatives, then you need to step in and intervene so that the child is not exposed to the bad things that are there.

Here are some tips to protect your children from the negative influence of the internet.

1. Learn how to use the internet comprehensively

By learning how to use the internet well, you can teach your child how to use the internet well while anticipating the negative effects of the internet.

This method also allows you to set a good example for children in using the internet. Thus, you can become an ideal figure that your little one can emulate in using the internet.

2. Establish a good relationship with children

Make sure to always have a good relationship with your child.

In the end, the most important protection you have is not a device that has parental control installed , but a good and open relationship and communication with your child.

Make your child feel comfortable and stay open with you so nothing is being covered up.

3. Place the device in the family room

Avoid providing personal gadget facilities, be it a computer, laptop, or tablet, which can be easily accessed in the room.

Make restrictions for the use of gadgets in the living room so that you can monitor your child's internet usage and reduce the chance of them being exposed to the internet's harmful effects.

4. Limit internet usage time

Make sure to limit the time you use the internet so that you can prevent your child from becoming addicted to devices and the internet.

As a parent, try to follow these rules as well so that you can set a good example and be imitated by your children.

5. Use settings to filter out adult sites

Internet service providers usually have this setting enabled from the start, but not all adult sites are filtered.

Therefore, you can anticipate it by installing a parental control application that can be downloaded on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

If the internet service provider has not filtered adult sites, you can activate the safe search feature on Google which will automatically filter sites that are harmful to children.

You can also use Kiddle, which is a special search engine service for children created by Google.

6. Monitor internet usage regularly

Activate the parental control feature on the device that children use to monitor their activities while using the internet.

If your child is active in messaging applications or online forums, monitor them regularly because here there are many negative effects of the internet that often stalk children.

Anyone can log into the online messaging app and disguise their identity. This is very risky because making friends with strangers online can lead to unwanted things, such as kidnapping, pornography, to fraud.

Not only that, periodically check the files that have been downloaded and opened by your child's internet browser . Tell the child about this to make him more alert and careful because all his actions can be checked by you.

Those are a number of tips that can help you as a parent to prevent the negative impact of the internet on your child. Do not apply the tips above in an authoritarian or forced manner, explain gently and slowly about these rules so that they can be accepted by your little one.

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