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Friday, April 5, 2019

How to view saved password in Google Chrome New...?

Hi Guys/viewer welcome back to My Blog ...!
 Here I'll show you new tips and tricks step by step, How to view "saved password" in Google Chrome...?
Search Password

1. At-first open google chrome and go to settings it's on the right corner on your browser
Google chrome settings

 2. After then go to advance settings ==> Scroll down and the next step Manage Saved Password, click on it ==>Then you will be see all of websites whose password are saved on your browser (Old Chrome User) / New Chrome User Go to Settings==>Autofill ==> and click Password.

Settings Password

3. Now click
this icon to view your password ( If your chrome browser sign in your google account then your login password is necessary to view your saved password or follow this link ).      Here some helpful screenshot for you.Good Luck.
Viewing Password 

Thank you........!!!!!!!!!!! 

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