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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Abbreviations "N,O" ( All the "N,O" Character ).


Short Name  çè  Full Name or Abbreviations
NAC       Network Adapter Card
NACD      National Association of Computer Dealers
NACS      National Advisory Committee on Semiconductors
NAE       Not Above or Equal
NAK       Negative Acknowledgment
NAM       Number Assignment Module
NAMPS     Narrow-Band Analog Mobile Phone Service [Motorola]
NANO      One thousand-millionth
NAP       Network Access Point
NAPLPS    North American Presentation Level Protocol
          Syntax (graphics)
NAS       Network Application Support [DEC]
NASA      National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASDAQ    National Association of Securities Dealers
          Automatic Quotation
NASI      NetWare Asynchronous Services Interface [Novell]
NASIRC    NASA Automated Systems Internet Response Capability
NASKER    NASA Ames Kernel (benchmark)
NAU       Network Addressable Unit
NAWS      Negotiate About Window Size
NBE       Not Below or Equal
NBI       Nothing But Initials
NBS       National Bureau of Standards + Numeric Backspace
NC        Network Computer + No Carry + Numerical Control
NCA       Network Communications Adapter
NCC       Network Control Center
.NCF      Netware Command File [Novell]
NCGA      National Computer Graphics Association
NCIC      National Crime Information Center
NCMT    * Numerical Control for Machine Tools
NCOS      Network Computer Operating System
NCP       NetWare Core Protocol + Not Copy Protected +
          Network Control Processor/Program/Protocol
NCR       National Cash Register (Company)
NCSA      National Center for Supercomputing Applications
NCSC      National Computer Security Center
NCSI      Network Communications Services
          Interface [Network Products Corp.]
NDB       Non-Directional Beacon
NDDK      Network Device Development Kid [Microsoft]
NDEF      Not to be Defined
NDIS      Network Device/Driver Interface Specification
NDN       Non-Delivery Notice
NDP       Numeric Data Processor
NDR       Network Data Representation
NDRO      Non-Destructive Read Out
NDS       NetWare Directory Service [Novell]
.NDX      Index (file name extension)
NEC       Nippon Electric Company
NED       NASA Extragalactic Database [NASA]
NEG       Negative + Negate
NEP       Network Entry Point
NES       National Education Supercomputer
NEST      Novell Embedded Systems Technology [Novell]
NET       Network (organization Domain name) [Internet]
NetBIOS   Network Basic Input/Output System [IBM]
NetBEUI   NetBIOS Extended User Interface [IBM]
.NEW      New Information (file name extension)
NEWS      NetWare Early Warning System [Frye Computer] +
          Network Extensible Window System
NEWS.     Current events [USENET Newsgroup Category]
NEXT      Near-End Crosstalk
NFF       No Fault Found
NFS       Network File System
NG        No Good
NGE       Not Greater or Equal
NHC       National Hurricane Center
NHR       National Handwriting Recognition
N/I       Non-Interlaced
NIA       Next Instruction Address
NIC       Network Information Center [Internet] +
          Network Interface Card +
          Numeric Intensive Computing
NICAD     Nickel-Cadmium
NICOLAS   Network Information Center OnLine Aid System [NASA]
NID       New Interactive Display [NEC] + Next ID
NII       National Information Infrastructure
NIM       Network Installation Management [IBM]
NIMH      Nickel-Metal Hydride
NIO       Native Input/Output
NIPS      Network I/Os Per Second
NIR       Network Information Retrieval
NIS       Network Information Service [Unix]
N-ISDN    Narrowband ISDN + National ISDN
NISO      National Information Standards Organization
NISP      Networked Information Services Project
NIST      National Institute for Standards and Technology
NITC      National Information Technology Center
NIU       Network Interface Unit
NJE       Network Job Entry (protocol) [IBM]
NL        New Line
NLE       Not Less or Equal
NLM       NetWare Loadable Module [Netware]
NLP       Natural-Language Processing
NLQ       Near Letter Quality
NLSFUNC   National Language Support Function
NLV       National Language Version [IBM]
NMI       Non-Maskable Interrupt
NMM       NetWare Management Map [NetWare]
NMOS      Negative Channel Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
NMP       Network Management Protocol [AT&T]
NMS       Network Management System [Novell]
NN        Network Node + No News [Internet]
NNI       Network-Network Interface
NNTP      Network News Transfer Protocol [Internet]
NOC       Network Operations Center
NOP       No Operation
NOPAC     Network OPAC
NOR       Not Or
NOS       Network Operating System
NPA       Network Printer Alliance
NPI       Network Printer Interface
NPL       Nonprocedural Language
NPS       Novell Productivity Specialist [Novell]
NPTN      National Public Telecomputing Network
NPU       Natural Processing Unit
NPX       Numeric Processor Extension
NQS       Network Queing System [Cray]
NRC       National Research Council (Canada)
NREN      National Research and Education Network
NRZ       Not Return to Zero
NRZI      Non Return to Zero Inverted
NS        Nanosecond + National Semiconductor (as in Ns16550 UART) +
          Network Supervisor + Non Stop
NSAP      Network Service Access Point
NSAPI     Netscape Server API [Netscape]
NSA POLY  National Security Agency Polygraph
NSERC     National Sciences and Engineering Research Council (Canada)
NSF       National Science Foundation
NSFNET    National Science Foundation Network
NSI       NASA Science Internet
NSLOOKUP  Name Server Lookup [Unix]
NSM       Netscape Server Manger [Netscape]
NSP       Native Signal Processing [Intel] + Network Service Provider
NSSC      NASA Standard Spacecraft Computer
NSTC      National Science and Technology Council
NSTL      National Software Testing Labs
NT        New Technology [Microsoft]
NTAS      NT Advamced Server [Microsoft]
NTF       No Trouble Found
NTFS      New Technology File System [Microsoft]
NTIA      National Telecommunications and
          Information Administration
NTIS      National Technical Information Service
NTRAS     NT Remote Access Services [Microsoft]
NTSA      NetWare Telephony Services Architecture [Novell]
NTSC      National Television Standards Committee
NUI       Network User Identification +
          Network User Interface +
          Notebook User Interface [Go Corporation]
NUL       Null + (dummy device) + (no device)
NV        No Overflow
NVM       Non-Volatile Memory
NVOD      Near-Video On Demand
NVP       Nominal Velocity of Propagation
NVRAM     Non-Volatile Random Access Memory
NVT       Network Virtual Terminal +
          Novell Virtual Terminal [Novell]

Short Name  çè  Full Name or Abbreviations
OAB       One-to-All Broadcast
OAD       Open Architecture Driver [Bernoulli]
OAG       Official Airline Guide + Online Air Guide
OAI       Open Applications Interface
OAS       One-to-All Scatter
OBD       On Board Diagnostics
OBEX      Object Exchange [Borland]
OBJ       Object
OC        Optical Carrier
OCE       Open Collaborative Environment [Apple]
OCF       Objects Components Framework [Borland]
OCL       Operation Control Language + Operator Control Language
OCR       Optical Character Recognition
OCS       On-Card Sequencer
OCX       OLE Custom Control
ODA       Office Document Architecture
ODAPI     Open Database Application Programming
          Interface [Borland]
ODBC      Open Data Base Connectivity [Microsoft]
ODBMS     Object-Oriented Database Management System  (also
          see OODMS)
ODI       Open Datalink Interface [Novell] +
          Open Device Interconnect [NetWare]
ODM       Object Data Manager [IBM]
ODMA      Open Document Management API
ODP       Open Distributed Processing
ODS       Open Data Services [Microsoft]
ODSI      Open Directory Service Interface [Microsoft]
ODT       Open Desktop
OEM       Original Equipment Manufacturer
OEP       Operand Execution Pipeline
OF        Overflow Flag
OFB       Output Feedback (mode)
OFMT      Output Format for Numbers
OFS       Object File System [Microsoft] + Output Field Separator
OH        Off Hook
OIDL      Object Interface Definition Language
OIS       Office Information Systems
OLAP      On-Line Analytical Processing
.OLD      Old version (file name extension)
OLE       Object Linking and Embedding [Microsoft]
OLI       Optical Line Interface [AT&T]
OLMC      Output Logic Macrocell
OLTP      On-Line Transaction Processing
OM        Object Manager
OMA       Object Management Architecture [Microsoft]
OME       Open Messaging Environment (protocol)
OMF       Object Module Format [Microsoft] +
          Open Media Framework + Open Message Format
OMG       Object Management Group
OMI       Open Messaging Interface [Lotus]
OMNS      Open Network Management System
OMR       Optical Mark Recognition
ONC       Open Network Computing [Sun]
ONDS      Open Network Distribution Services [IBM]
ONU       Optical Network Unit
OODB      Object-Oriented Database
OODMS     Object-Oriented Database Management System (also
          see ODBMS)
OOL       Object-Oriented Language
OOOS      Object-Oriented Operating System
OOPL      Object-Oriented Programming Language
OOPS      Object Oriented Programming and Systems
OOS       Object-Oriented Systems +
          Off-line Operating Simulator
OOT       Object-Oriented Technology
OOUI      Object Oriented User Interface
OP        Operation + Optical + Output
OPAC      Online Public Access Catalog [Internet]
OPC       Optical Photoconductor
OPCODE    Operational Code
OPD       Operand
OPI       Open Prepress Interface
OPM       Operations Per Minute
OPS       Operations
OPT       Open Protocol Technology
.OPT      Options (file name extension)
OPUS      Octal Program Updating System
ORACLE    On-Line Inquiry and Report Generator (UNIX DB program)
ORB       Object Request Broker [Microsoft]
ORG       Organization (organization Domain name) [Internet]
ORI       Online Retrieval Interface
.ORI      Original (file name extension)
ORS       Output Record Separator
OS        Operating System
OS/2      Operating System/2 [IBM]
OSA       Open Scripting/System Architecture
OS/E      Operating System/Environment
OSF       Open Software Foundation
OSI       Open Systems Interconnection
OSM       Off-Screen Model
OSP       On-Screen Programming + Optical Storage Processor
OSPF      Open Shortest Path First
OSQL      Object Structured Query Language
OT        Object Technology
OTA       Operation-Triggered Architecture
OTDR      Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
OTF       Open Token Foundation
OTP       One-Time Programmable
OURS      Open Users Recommended Solutions
.OUT      Outlines (file name extension)
OUTS      Output String
OV        Overflow
.OVL      Program Overlay (file name extension)
.OVR      Program Overlay (file name extension)
OWL       Object/Open Windows Library [Borland]

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