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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Abbreviations "M" ( All the "M" Character ).

Short Name  çè  Full Name or Abbreviations
mA        Milliampere
Mac       Macintosh (Apple Macintosh Computer)
MAC       Media/Medium Access Control
.MAC      MacPaint (file name extension) +
          Macro (file name extension)
MACH      Multilayer Actuator Head [Epson]
MADE      Manufacturing and Automated Design Engineering
MADYMO    Mathematical Dynamic Modeling [TNO]
MAh       Milliampere-Hour
.MAI      Mail (file name extension)
MAN       Manual [Unix] + Metropolitan Area Network
MANPAGE   Manual Page [Unix]
MAP       Maintenance Analysis Procedures +
          Manufacturing Automation Protocol +
          Memory Allocation Map
.MAP      Linker Map (file name extension)
MAPI      Mail/Messaging Applications Programming
          Interface [Microsoft]
MAPICS    Manufacturing, Accounting and Production
          Information Control System [IBM]
MARVEL    Machine-Assisted Realization of the Virtual
          Electronic Library [Library of Congress]
MASM      Macro Assembler [Microsoft]
MASS      Maximum Availability and Support
          Subsystem [Parallan]
MAT       Maintenance Access Terminal
MAU       Media Access Unit + Multistation Access Unit
MAVDM     Multiple Application VDM
MAX       Maximum
MB        Megabyte (1,024 kilobytes) +
          Middle Button (of 3 button Mouse)
MBASIC    Microsoft BASIC [Microsoft]
MBCS      Multi-Byte Character Set [IBM]
MBONE     Multicast Backbone [Internet]
MBPS      Megabytes Per Second
MBR       Master Boot Record
MBX       Mailbox
MCA       Micro Channel Adapter/Architecture [IBM]
MCAD      Mechanical Computer Aided Design
MCB       Memory Control Block
MCGA      Multicolor Graphics Array
MCI       MCI Communications Corp. (name from initials of
          original company - Microwave Communications, Inc.) +
          Media Control Interface [Microsoft]
MCL       Microsoft Compatibility Labs [Microsoft]
MCM       Multi-Chip Module
MCNE      Master Certified Novell Engineer [Novell]
MC-PGA    Metallized Ceramic - Pin Grid Array
MCPS      Microsoft Certified Product Specialist [Microsoft]
MC-QFP    Metallized Ceramic - Quad Flat Pack
MCR       Modem Control Register
MCU       Multi-Chip Unit [DEC]
MD        Make Directory + Monochrome Display
MDA       Monochrome Display Adapter +
          Multidimensional Analysis
.MDF      Menu Definition File (file name extension)
MDI       Multiple Document Interface
MDIC      Manchester Decoder and Interface Chip [AT&T]
MDK       Multimedia Developers Kit [Microsoft]
MDLP      Modile Data Link Protocol
MDR       Minimum Design Requirement
MDY       Month Day Year
.ME       Opening Information (file name extension) (As in READ.ME)
MEB       Memory Expansion Board
MEG       Megabyte
MEM       Memory
.MEN      Menu (file name extension)
MES       Manufacturing Execution System
MESI      Modified, Exclusive, Shared and Invalid (protocol)
MET       Memory Enhancement Technology [Hewlitt-Packard]
.MET      Metafile (file name extension)
MFC       Microsoft Foundataion Class [Microsoft]
MFFS      Microsoft Flash File System [Microsoft]
MFLOPS    Million Floating Point Operations Per Second
MFM       Modified Frequency Modulation
MFP       Multi-Function Peripheral/Product
MFPI      Multifunction Peripheral Interface
MFS       Macintosh File System [Macintosh] +
          Magnetic Tape Field Search + Memory File System
          Modified Filing System [Revelation Technologies]
MFT       Master File Table +
          Multiprogramming with a Fixed number of Tasks
MGA       Monochrome Graphics Adapter
MGE       Modular GIS Environment
MGR       Manager
MHS       Message Handling Service + Message Handling System
MHz       Megahertz
MI        Management Interface
MIB       Management Information Base
MICRO     One-millionth
MICS      Macro Interpretive Commands
MIDI      Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MIF       Management Information Format
.MIF      Management Information Files (file name extension)
MIG       Metal In Gap
MII       Microsoft/IBM/Intel
MIL       Machine Interface Layer [Go Corporation] +
          Military (organization Domain name) [Internet]
MIM       Metal-Insulator-Metal (screen)
MIMD      Multiple Instruction Multiple Data Stream (processor)
MIME      Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension [Internet]
MI/MIC    Mode Indicate/Mode Indicate Common
MIN       Minimum + Mobile Identification Number
MINUET    Minnesota Internet Users Essential Tools [Internet]
MIPS      Million Instructions Per Second
MIS       Management Information System +
          Multimedia Information Sources [Internet]
MISC      Miscellaneous
MIX       Member Information Exchange
MKDIR     Make Directory
ML        Machine Language + Meta Language
MLAPI     Multilingual Application Programming Interface
MLC       Multilayer Ceramic +
          Multilevel Cell (program) [Internet]
MLID      Multi-Link Interface Driver
MLM       Mailing List Manager [Internet]
MM        Minutes + Month
MMA       Microcomputer Managers Association
MMC       Matched Memory Cycle + Microcomputer Marketing Council
MMCD      MultiMedia Compact Disk
MMI       Man-Machine Interface
MMIS      Materials Manager Information System
MMPM      Multi Media Presentation Manager
MMU       Memory Management Unit
MMX       Matrix Manipulation Extensions [Intel] +
          Multimedia Extensions
MNOS      Metal Nitride Oxide Semiconductor
MNP       Microcom Networking Protocol [Microcom]
.MNU      Menu (fine name extension)
MO        Magneto-Optical (disk drive)
MOB       Memory-Order Buffer
MOBO      Mother Board
MOD       Module + Modulus
MODEM     Modulator Demodulator
MOHLL     Machine Oriented High Level Language
MOM       Microsoft Office Manager [Microsoft]
MOO       MUD, Object Oriented [Internet]
MOP       Maintenance Operations Protocol
MOS       Metal Oxide Semiconductor + Magneto-Optic Storage
MOSFET    Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MOTD      Message Of The Day
MOV       Metal Ocide Varistor + Move
MOVS      Move String
MP        Massively Parallel (processing) + Multiple Processors
MPC       Multimedia Personal Computer + Multipath Channel
MPCS      Mission Planning and Control Station (Software)
MPE       Multiple Programming Executive [HP]
MPEG      Moving Picture Experts Group
MPI       Message Passing Interface + Multiprecision Integer
MPM       Message Passing Library [IBM]
MPMD      Multiple Processor/Multiple Data
MPP       Massively Parallel Processing +
          Message Processing Program
MPQP      Multi-Protocol Quad Port [IBM]
MPR       Multipart Repeater + Multi Protocol Router [Novell]
MPS       Multiprocessor Specification
MPTN      Multi-Protocol Transport Network
MPTS      Multi-Protocol Transport Services
MPU       Microprocessor Unit
MQI       Message Queue Interface
MR        Magnetoresistive + Modem Ready
MRCF      Microsoft Realtime Compression Format
MRCI      Microsoft Realtime Compression Interface
MRI       Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MRM       Most Recently-Used Master
MRO       Multi-Region Operation
MRP       Materials Requirement Planning
MRPL      Main Ring Path Length
MRS       Media Recognition System
MRT       Mean Repair Time
MRU       Maximum Receive Unit
MS        Memory System + Message Store + Microsecond +
          Microsoft Corporation + Millisecond
MSACM     Microsoft Audio Compression Manager [Microsoft]
MSAU      Multi-Station Access Unit
MSAV      Microsoft Anti Virus [Microsoft]
MSB       Most Significant Bit
MSBF      Mean Swaps Between Failures
MSCDEX    Microsoft Compact Disc Extensions [Microsoft]
MSD       Mass Storage Device + Most Significant Digit +
          Microsoft System Diagnostics [Microsoft]
MS-DOS    Microsoft - Disk Operating System [Microsoft]
MSDR      Multiplexed Streaming Data Request
MSDS      Microsoft Developer Support [Microsoft]
MSFR      Minimum Security Function Requirements [IBM]
MSG       Message
.MSG      Program Message (file name extension)
MSI       Medium Scale Integration
MSL       Map Specification Library + Mirrored Server Link
MSN       Microsoft Network [Microsoft]
MSO       Multiple-Systems Operator
.MSP      Microsoft Paint (file name extension) [Microsoft]
MSS       Mass Storage System
MSW       Machine Status Word
MTA       Message Transfer Agent + Multiple Terminal Access
MTBB      Mean Time Between Breakdowns
MTBF      Mean Time Between Failures
MTBJ      Mean Time Between Jams
MTF       Microsoft Tape Format [Microsoft] +
          Modulation Transfer Function
MTS       Message Transfer Service/System +
          Multichannel Television Sound
MTTD      Mean Time To Diagnose
MTTF      Mean Time To Failure
MTTR      Mean Time To Repair
MTU       Maximum Transmission Unit
MUD       Multi-User Dialogue/Dimension/Domain/Dungeon [Internet]
MUL       Multiply
MUMPS     Massachusetts General Hospital Utility
          Multi-Programming System (Programming Language)
MUSE      Multi-User Shared Environment
MUT       Monitor Under Test
MUX       Multiplexer
MV        Millivolt
MVB       Multimedia Viewer Book
MVC       Multimedia Viewer Compiler
MVDM      Multiple Virtual DOS Machines
MVGA      Monochrome Video Graphics Array
MVIP      Multi-Vendor Integration Protocol
MVP       Multimedia Video Processor
MVS       Multiple Virtual Storage
MVT       Multiprogramming with a Variable number of Tasks
MX        Mail Exchanger [Internet]
MXS       Microsoft Exchange Server [Microsoft]
MZR       Multiple Zone Recording

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