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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Abbreviations "G" ( All the "G" Character ).


Short Name  çè  Full Name or Abbreviations

GA        General Availability
GAAP      Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
GAL       Generic Array Logic
GAPI      Gateway Application Programming Interface
Gb        Gigabit (1,024 megabits) +
          (One Billion Bits of Information)
GB        Gigabyte (1,024 megabytes) +
          (One Billion Characters of Information)
GCC       GNU C-Compiler [Unix]
GCR       Group Code Recording
GDA       Global Data Area
GDDM      Graphics Data Display Manager
GDG       Generation Data Group [IBM]
GDI       Graphical Device Interface
GDLC      Generic Data Link Control [IBM]
GDP       Graphic Draw Primitive
GDT       Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing +
          Global Descriptor Table +
          Graphics Development Toolkit
GECOS     General Electric Comprehensive Operating System
GEIS      General Electric Information Service (company)
GEM       Graphics Environment Manager (DRI Program)
GENIE     General Electric Network for
          Information Exchange
GEO       Geostationary Earth Orbit
GEOS      Graphic Environment Operating System [Geoworks]
GET       Get Execute Trigger
GGP       Gateway-Gateway Protocol [Internet]
GHZ       Gigahertz
.GIF      Graphics Interchange Format (file name extension)
GIGO      Garbage In, Garbage Out
GII       Global Information Infrastructure
GILS      Government Information Locator Service
GIS       Geographic Information System +
          Global Information Solutions [AT&T]
GIX       Global Internet Exchange [Internet]
GKS       Graphical Kernal System
GL        Graphics Language
G/L       General Ledger
GLIS      Global Land Information System [US Geological Survey]
GLM       General Linear Models
GLOBE     Global Learning by Observations to Benefit
          the Environment [Internet]
.GLY      Glossary (file name extension) [Microsoft Word]
GMP       Global Mobile Professional
GMR       Giant Magneto-Resistive
GMS       Global Management System +
          Global Messaging Service [Novell]
GMT       Greenwich Mean Time
GND       Ground (signal/system)
GNN       Global Network Navigator
GNU       Gnu's Not Unix (operating system)
GOSIP     Government Open Systems Interconnection Profile
GOV       Government (organization Domain name) [Internet]
GP        Gas Plasma + General Purpose
GPF       General Protection Fault
GPI       Graphics Programming Interface
GPIB      General Purpose Interface Bus
GPR       General Purpose Register [IBM]
GPS       Global Positioning Satellite/System
GPSS    * General Purpose Systems Simulator (language)
GRADD     Graphics Adapter Device Driver [IBM]
GRE       Graphics Engine
GREP      Global Regular Expression Print
.GRF      Graph (file name extension)
.GRP      Group (file name extension)
GS        Group Separator
GSI       General Server Interface
GSM       Global Shared Memory +
          Global System for Mobile-Communications (network)
GSTN      General Switched Telephone Network
GTE       General Telephone Electronics (corporation)
GTL       Gunning Transceiver Logic
GTO       Guide To Operations [IBM]
GUI       Graphical User Interface
GUID      Global Universal ID
GVT       Global Virtual Time
.gz       Compressed file (compressed filename extension -
          using GNU gzip compression/decompression program) [Unix]

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