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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Abbreviations "F" ( All the "F" Character ).


Short Name  çè  Full Name or Abbreviations

FAB       Computer-Chip Fabrication Plant
FAC       File Access Code
FAMOS     Floating Gate Avalanche MOS
FANS      Future Air Navigation System
FAP       File Access Protocol
FAPI      Family Application Program Interface
FAQ       Frequently Asked Question
FARNET    Federation of American Research Networks [Internet]
FAT       File Allocation Table
FAX       Facsimile
.FAX      Fax (file name extension)
FC/AL     Fiber Channel/Arbitrated Loop
FCB       File Control Block
FCC       Federal Communications Commission
FCC:      File Carbon Copy
FCCSET    Federal Coordinating Council for
          Science, Engineering and Technology
FCI       Flux Changes per Inch
FCR       FIFO Control Register
FCS       Fiber Channel Standard + Frame Check Sequence
FD        Floppy Disk + Floppy Drive + Full Duplex
FDC       Floppy Disk Controller
FDDI      Fiber Digital Device Interface +
          Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FDISK     Fixed Disk
FDM       Frequency-Division Multiplexing
FDX       Full Duplex
FECN      Forward Explicit Congestion Notification
FED       Field-Emitter Display
FEFO      First-Ended, First-Out
FEP       Front End Processor
FEPI      Front End Programming Interface
FeRAM     Ferroelectric RAM
FESDK     Far East Software Development Kit [Microsoft]
FET       Field Effect Transistor
FF        Flip-Flop + Form Feed
FFDC      First Failure Data Capture [IBM]
FFS       Fast File System
FFST      First Failure Support Technology [IBM]
FFT       Fast Fourier Transform + Final Form Text [IBM]
FG        Floating Gate
FGREP     Fixed Global Regular Expression Print [Unix]
FHSS      Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum
FIF       Fractal Image Format
FIFO      First-In, First-Out
FILO      First-In, Last-Out
FIP       File Processor Buffering
FIPS      Federal Information Processing Standard
FIR       Finite Impulse Response
FIRST     Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
FIX       Federal Internet Exchange
FLC       Ferro-electric Liquid Crystal
FLD       Field
FLL       FoxPro Link Library [Microsoft Fox Pro]
FLOPS     Floating Point Operations Per Second
FMS       Forms Management System
FMT       Format
FNT       Font
FOCUS     Forum of Control Data Users
FOD       Fax On Demand
FOG       First Osborne Group
FOIRL     Fiber Optic Inter Repeater Link [IEEE]
FOLDOC    Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing
.FON      Font + Phone + Phone Directory (all file name
.FOR      Fortran source code (file name extension)
FORTH     (Programming Language)(See HLL)
FORTRAN   Formula Translator (Programming Language)(See HLL)
FOSE      Federal Office Systems Exposition
FOSI      Format Option Specification Instance
FOSSIL    Fido/Opus/Seadog Standard Interface Layer
FPC       Floating Point Calculation
FPCE      Floating-Point C Extension (specification)
FPGA      Field Programmable Gate-Array
FPLA      Field Programmable Logic-Array
FPM       Fast Page Mode
FPP       Fixed Path Protocol + Floating Point Processor
FPR       Floating-Point Register
FPS       Favorite Picture Selection + Frames Per Second
FPT       Forced Perfect Termination
FPU       Floating Point Unit
FQDN      Fully Qualified Domain Name [Internet]
FRAD      Frame Relay Access Device +
          Frame Relay Assembler/Disassembler
FRAG      Fragment + Fragmentation
FRAM      Ferroelectric Random-Access Memory
FRC       Funtional Redundancy Checking
FRED      Frame Editor + Front-End to Dish
FRPI      Flux Reversals Per Inch
.FRS      WordPerfect Graphics Driver (file name extension)
FS        File Separator
FSD       File System Driver [OS/2]
FSE       Full Screen Editor
FSF       Free Software Foundation [Internet]
FSK       Frequency Shift Keying
FSN       Full Service Network
FSP       File Service Protocol
FSR       Free System Resources
FST       Flat Square Tube (monitor)
F/T       Full Time
FTAM      File Transfer, Access and Management +
          File Transfer and Access Method
FTM       Flat Tension Mask [Zenith]
FTP       File Transfer Protocol [Internet]
FTPD      File Transfer Protocol Daemon
FTTC      Fiber To The Curb
FTS       Federal Telecommunication System
FTX       Fault Tolerant Unix
FUI       File Update Information
FUNC      Function
FVT       Full Video Translation
FYI       For Your Information

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