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Sunday, March 10, 2013

How To Make ERROR Massage Using Notepad.

In this Tricks you’ll learn how to make fake error messages using Notepad.

Open Notepad:

How to Open Notepad Screenshot

Type the text or copy & paste into notepad:

x=msgbox (“Type your Massage here” ,16, “type your title here”)

Showing paste option into the notepad

Save the file name as “.vbs”

Paste into the notepad

Saving the file name

Final Step
Now open the file and enjoy it…

This is a Extra Tips:--
You can change the “,1+1,”code. Here’s a list of codes.
To change the symbol (Right Number):
·        16- Critical Message icon
·        32- Warning icon
·        48- Warning message
·        64- Info message
To change the button (left Number)
·        0- ok button only
·        1- ok and cancel
·        2- abort, retry and ignore
·        3- yes no and cancel
·        4- yes and no
·        5- retry and cancel

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