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Monday, April 15, 2019

100 CMD RUN Commands

In this article, you will learn 100 most important CMD Run commands. These run commands are comfortable for all windows system and also help you quickly access application and customize windows features.
              Any mistake or some commands are not working in your system so please frankly ask me or comment with your system details. Let's Enjoy.....

                                                   100 CMD Run Commands

1.      Temporary File ==> temp
2.      Registry Editor ==> regedit
3.      Registry Editor ==> regedit32
4.      Remote Access Phonebook ==> rasphone
5.      Remote Desktop ==> mstsc
6.      Removable Storage ==> ntmsmgr.msc
7.      Removable Storage Operator Requests ==> ntmsoprq.msc
8.      Scanners and Cameras ==> sticpl.cpl
9.      Scheduled Tasks ==> control schedtasks
10. Security Center ==> wscui.cpl
11. Services ==> services.msc
12. Shared Folders ==> fsmgmt.msc
13. Shuts Down Windows ==> shutdown
14. Sounds and Audio ==> mmsys.cpl
15. Spider Solitare Card Game ==> spider
16. Malicious Software Removal Tool ==> mrt
17. Microsoft Access (if installed) ==> access.cpl
18. Microsoft Chat ==> winchat
19. Microsoft Excel (if installed) ==> excel
20. Microsoft Frontpage (if installed)==> frontpg
21. Microsoft Movie Maker ==> moviemk
22. Microsoft Paint ==> mspaint
23. Microsoft Powerpoint (if installed)==> powerpnt
24. Microsoft Word (if installed)==> winword
25. Microsoft Syncronization Tool ==> mobsync
26. Minesweeper Game ==> winmine
27. Mouse Properties ==> control mouse
28. Mouse Properties ==> main.cpl
29. Nero (if installed)==> nero
30. Netmeeting ==> conf
31. Network Connections ==> control netconnections
32. Network Connections ==> ncpa.cpl
33. Network Setup Wizard ==> netsetup.cpl
34. Notepad ==> notepad
35. Object Packager ==> packager
36. ODBC Data Source Administrator==> odbccp32.cpl
37. On Screen Keyboard ==> osk
38. Outlook Express ==> msimn
39. Paint ==> pbrush
40. Keyboard Properties ==> control keyboard
41. IP Configuration (Display Connection Configuration) ==> ipconfi/all
42. IP Configuration (Display DNS Cache Contents)==> ipconfig /displaydns
43. IP Configuration (Delete DNS Cache Contents)==> ipconfig /flushdns
44. IP Configuration (Release All Connections)==> ipconfig /release
45. IP Configuration (Renew All Connections)==> ipconfig /renew
46. IP Configuration (RefreshesDHCP&Re-RegistersDNS)==>ipconfig/registerdns
47. IP Configuration (Display DHCP Class ID)==> ipconfig/showclassid
48. IP Configuration (Modifies DHCP Class ID)==> ipconfig /setclassid
49. Java Control Panel (If Installed)==> jpicpl32.cpl
50. Java Control Panel (If Installed)==> javaws
51. Local Security Settings ==> secpol.msc
52. Local Users and Groups ==> lusrmgr.msc
53. Logs You Out Of Windows ==> logoff.....
54. Accessibility Controls ==> access.cpl
55. Accessibility Wizard ==> accwiz
56. Add Hardware ==> Wizardhdwwiz.cpl
57. Add/Remove Programs ==> appwiz.cpl
58. Administrative Tools control ==> admintools
59. Adobe Acrobat (if installed) ==> acrobat
60. Adobe Designer (if installed)==> acrodist
61. Adobe Distiller (if installed)==> acrodist
62. Adobe Photoshop (if installed)==> photoshop
63. Automatic Updates ==> wuaucpl.cpl
64. Bluetooth Transfer Wizard – fsquirt
65. Calculator ==> calc
66. Certificate Manager ==> certmgr.msc
67. Character Map ==> charmap
68. Check Disk Utility ==> chkdsk
69. Clipboard Viewer ==> clipbrd
70. Command Prompt ==> cmd
71. Component Services ==> dcomcnfg
72. Computer Management ==> compmgmt.msc
73. Control Panel ==> control
74. Date and Time Properties ==> timedate.cpl
75. Device Manager ==> devmgmt.msc
76. Direct X Control Panel (If Installed)==> directx.cpl
77. Direct X Troubleshooter==> dxdiag
78. Disk Cleanup Utility==> cleanmgr
79. Disk Defragment==> dfrg.msc
80. Disk Management==> diskmgmt.msc
81. Disk Partition Manager==> diskpart
82. Display Properties==> control desktop
83. Display Properties==> desk.cpl
84. Driver Verifier Utility==> verifier
85. Event Viewer==> eventvwr.msc
86. Files and Settings Transfer Tool==> migwiz
87. File Signature Verification Tool==> sigverif
88. Findfast==> findfast.cpl
89. Firefox (if installed)==> firefox
90. Folders Properties==> control folders
91. Fonts==> control fonts
92. Fonts Folder==> fonts
93. Free Cell Card Game==> freecell
94. Game Controllers==> joy.cpl
95. Group Policy Editor (XP Prof)==> gpedit.msc
96. Hearts Card Game==> mshearts
97. Internet Connection Wizard==> icwconn1
98. Internet Explorer==> iexplore
99. Internet Setup Wizard==> inetwiz
100.        Internet Properties==> inetcpl.cpl

You can also Download 100 RUN Commands  PDF File Below:

 Thank You...

Thursday, April 11, 2019

How to display a personal massage at startup windows...!!!

At the present time of Windows boot up/start up a popup message can be added which contains any message you want to display.
In this time too many organizations display of a message to there instructions or policies of Organization etc.
        Here I'm going to show you How to display a personal massage at startup windows  just like "Hi this My PC".
        Let's start how you can do it too......
Display a massage at startup windows

  1. At first open "Registry Editor", to open Registry Editor go to RUN by pressing windows +R button and then type "regedit" with out quotation, then click yes when prop up window appear on your screen.

  1. Now go to ==>  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System 
  2. Then right click Side pane select & open LegalNoticeCaption and hit enter then set a value that you want to see in the Menu Bar.

  3. Next open LegalNoticeText and write the message you want to display when next time Windows boots. 
  4. Close all window & Restart your pc for changes to take effect.
Thank You..... 

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Most important Internet ERROR Codes


Hello, guys, I'm going to show you most important internet ERROR codes that actually help you future internet surfing experience. Today we are all connected to the internet and everyone likes to surfing the internet just like Google, Facebook, Whats app, YouTube etc.
                                      In this situation, unexpectedly stop surfing when you get an error message just like ERROR 400. ERROR 404, ERROR 503. After then you'll try to identify the error code. That's the reason I've to show you some most important ERROR Code list. Let's Start===>

  1. Error 400 - Bad request.
  2.  Error 401 - unauthorized request.
  3.  Error 403 - forbidden.
  4.  Error 404 - Not found.
  5.  Error 500 -Internal error.
  6.  Error 501 - Not Implemented
  7.  Error 502 - Bad Gateway
  8.  Error 503 -Service unavailable.
  9.  Error 504 - Gateway Time-Out
  10.  Error 505 - HTTP Version not supported/DNS Lookup Fail/unknown host
  11.  Error 500-599 - Server Errors. 

Saturday, April 6, 2019

How to know your antivirus working perfectly or not ....?

Do you know your antivirus perfectly work....! If you not so here is assume tips and tricks only for you.After applying this trick will let you perfectly detect whether your PC antivirus is working or is just waste your PC memory. Don't worry this method not harm your computer.
PC Virus
  •   At first open notepad to press start + R button ==> next window open as RUN==> Now type "notepad" without double quotation and hit enter.
Press start + R
  • Now copy and paste given below text and save it "virus.exe" without double quotation.

  •     If you see your antivirus detect this file , then your antivirus working perfectly.
thank you.....!!!

Friday, April 5, 2019

How to view saved password in Google Chrome New...?

Hi Guys/viewer welcome back to My Blog ...!
 Here I'll show you new tips and tricks step by step, How to view "saved password" in Google Chrome...?
Search Password

1. At-first open google chrome and go to settings it's on the right corner on your browser
Google chrome settings

 2. After then go to advance settings ==> Scroll down and the next step Manage Saved Password, click on it ==>Then you will be see all of websites whose password are saved on your browser (Old Chrome User) / New Chrome User Go to Settings==>Autofill ==> and click Password.

Settings Password

3. Now click
this icon to view your password ( If your chrome browser sign in your google account then your login password is necessary to view your saved password or follow this link ).      Here some helpful screenshot for you.Good Luck.
Viewing Password 

Thank you........!!!!!!!!!!! 

Monday, April 17, 2017

How to make any Windows programs open as full screen/Maximize

We all know default Windows programs opens as a "Normal" window size, that means its dimensions won't fill the entire screen or full screen. While users simply maximize the window's size by clicking the middle icon in the upper right-hand corner, but many people don't like having to repeat the action every time when starting a windows program.Follow this step below to proceed force Windows program open as a full-screen mode.

  • Right click your mouse on any Windows shortcut icon and click Properties.
  • In the Properties window, click the Shortcut tab.
  • And then locate the Run: section and then click the down arrow on the right hand side.
  • In the drop-down menu, you will see Maximized.
  • After choose to Maximize click apply, and then click ok.
Icon Properties

  • Now open shortcut window icon, and you will see windows program as maximized.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

NOTEPAD TRICKS: 1 >> Matrix Falling Code Effect == Great Notepad CMD (.BAT) Tricks


This trick is an awesome, look like real matrix. It’s inspired by the matrix movie, this is known as falling code trick and it’s extremely popular on social networking websites. At first open notepad and then copy and paste the following code below, and then save it with the file name“Matrix.bat”. Go to your save location and run this batch file which is created by you.

i). At first Open notepad Copy and paste following code below:

@echo off
color 02
echo %random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%
goto tricks

ii). Then save it “matrix.bat” filename extensions.

Matrix Falling Code Effect - Notepad Trick

iii). Now go to your save location and run it to see what happen.

Thank YOU

Friday, July 19, 2013

How to disable the recent document history on your computer...???

Recent Document History

Hi everyone here is new tricks I’m going to show you how to disable the recent document history on your computer. This is a great thing if you don’t show your recent document history.

The bad thing about Recent Documents History is that Windows XP has to calculate what should be put there each time you boot Windows, which can slow things down.

1. At first open the Registry Editor by pressing “windows + R” then  type “regedit” and then hit enter. (Select Start/Run, type regedit, and click OK).

2. Now go to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer”.
3. And then Create a NoRecentDocsHistory D_WORD key [Right Click® New ®DWORD (32- Bit) Value] . Double-click the value to open it once it is created.
Screenshot 1 

4. Set the Data Value to 1 to enable the restriction with hexadecimal.
5. Click OK and close the Registry Editor. You'll need to restart the computer for the change to take effect.
Screenshot 2

Note: If you want to enable recent document then go to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer”. and delete “NoRecentDocsHistory” file that you have create and restart your computer.

Friday, June 21, 2013

How to Remove Computer Virus Using Command Prompt (CMD)...???

Computer Virus

Each file and folder have the following attributes:

1).  Archive A
2).  Read Only R
3).  Hidden H
4).  System S
-(minus) sign before an attribute it means removing attributes and +(plus) sign mean giving attributes to the file or folder.
example ) attrib -r -a -s -h file.txt  this will remove all attributes from file.txt  and attrib +r +a +s +h file.txt  will give all attributes to file.txt .
If pen drive or other hard drive is infected by virus ,Command prompt is the best option.Follow the steps given below.

1).  Go to the command prompt by start>all programs>accessories>command prompt or press windows key+r and enter cmd .

2).  Go to the drive where you want to delete virus example write d: to go to D drive .

3).  Type “attrib -r -s -h *.* /s /d” without quotations  and press enter .

4)press dir /a .

5).  Delete all the .inf, .exe , .dll, .log extension file if they are not your files by using dos del command .

del autorun.inf
if any file is not deleting rename that file by rename command
Example:  rename dst.exe ms.bak this will rename dst.exe to ms.bak

Now Your pen drive is virus free .

Saturday, June 1, 2013

How to Enable Hidden Window 7 Themes (alternative method).

Here is an alternative method, how to enable hidden windows 7 themes. If previous methods are not working to then apply this method.

At First Go to Control Panel and then click on folder Options.
Note: -- If Folder options are not available, change the view to large icons at the top-right corner of the screen.

Now click On the View tab and uncheck the box “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”. It will show you a warning; avoid this warning and Click Yes.

Now Go to “C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT\” Inside this folder you will see folders with name MCT-XX where XX will be AU, CA etc. These are the country codes in which these themes are automatically available.
                 Inside each MCT-XX you will see a Theme folder, now open it and click on the theme file to unlock it. Once unlocked, the theme will be available to you in personalization option.
That’s it…@@@@@@@